Sunday, November 23, 2008

Farewell My Classmates and teachers...

Its has been really a great time being with you all my friends. We have gone through both thick and thins together in our secondary school life. Right now, i should say that we have all grown up and it is time to create new footprints in other people's heart. It is true that we might bear grudges with one another during the past few years. We create both necessary and unnecessary arguements among us and also we may dislike one another due to incompetency and maybe relationship. But, i believe all these are created upon the fact to strengthen our bonds with one another and also to enable us to know more of one another. Over here, i would also want to thank all my beloved teachers. I can really feel the care and the anxiety by all of you for me and i really appreciate it and felt grateful to all of you... You teachers are really wonderful and so is mayflower secondary school. Thank you teachers!

Being farewell isn't the meaning that we will sever our friendships my friends.It just mean that we will not have so much time being together. We will have more obstacles and enjoyments coming up in our life. Therefore, all the best people!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Guys and girls...O's is arriving and i wish you people all the best!Gd luck and stay cool during exam!^^

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hello...It has been a long time since i have updated my blog...Zzz!haha...The reason being is not because this blog is dead, it is still alive! The reason is because i am lazy!Haha...Ya, these few months were really tough... I have experience the devastating and also the enjoyable moments in my life.Well, now i would really need to study...Zzz, exhausting... Alright, over here i would wish gd luck and all the best to all people in this world regarding to their examinations! Also, stay happy and musculine/faminine.Haha!^^

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Maple for the day

Today.I woke up at 11am right on the dot.Guess what...After doing my daily routines,i skip my breakfast and went to play maple!haha...Kind of childish,i know...So don't think of reprimanding me...Zzz!I train my character from lvl140 to lvl 167 today...27lvl a day ehh,fast ba...But is private server...Ha!After calculating,i just found out that i play maple for a total of!Well spent...Zzz!In maple...I went to zakum with my brother,pierre,daryl and jian an...We zakum for 1 and a half hours in total.Haha!Yeah...For the whole day,i was sitting in front of the computer like worshipping it...Sounds familiar daryl?haha!So can some one tell me if whether my time is well spent?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

It has beeen a very long time since i have update my blog...And alot of people is complaining!Zzz...Hmmm,well..I am updating my blog bow using school's computer.Ha!This is the privellege of having fnn lessons.But,I have alot of things to do!Zzz..I am feeling so exhausted now.But still,after school i have to go for my remedials and exercises.In the night,i still have tuition.And i must go!It is my last tuition before i have my long break.Yepp,i have to endure...Long term gain short term loss,it is worth it is believe...But seriously,life is really full of tiredness and enjoyments.I appreciate the days where i need not have to worry about anything.But,i have also told myself to prepare any troubles in any circumstances.Sometimes i am able to,but sometimes i really can't.But it is alright,i believe that everything will be fine in the end.We people shoudl live our life to the fullest.The True meaning to be born to this earth is not to suffer or reay any kindness.The reall meaning in life is to live happily in this world and also to share your happiness with the other people.Ya,that is my thoughts.I believe that you people wouldn't have the same thoughts as me,right?Alright,shall stop here...Shall update my blog again *soon*

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Zzz...Went to school today for my career talk!haha...It was alright and quite interesting!I am so impressed by the facilitator of ours...He holds a Master in psychology and he is now currently studying for his PHD...That is really amazing!I am inspired to be like him!Hmmm,after today's talk...I got a better understanding of the importance of knowledge and also know what is the real reason behind everyone who is seeking for more and more knowledge.Knowledge is wealth...Hmmm,ya...After the career talk,the whole class proceed to theatrette and guess what...I don't have a seat to sit,wow!That's great!Zzz...But luckily,the talk wasn't long and so my butt didn't rot...Haa!Hmmm,the talk was given by a singapore polytechnic lecturer.He gives us a better understanding of the media course in singapore polytechnic...That was great but didn't caught my fancy.After the talk,we had our chemistry remedial...Mrs leong taught us about oxidation number.At first,i thought it would be very complicated.But after few explaination done by her,i think that it wasn't as hard as it seems.But,the only part i am not sure was that how oxidation number got to link with oxygen,hydrogen and electrons.So,i am feeling confused about it.But fortunate enough,mrs leong taught me on this problem of mine and i got a better understanding now.I finally saw the link to it but still not really confident on it.So,I must keep on practicing on it.After my chemistry remedial,i went to hub with aaron and daryl!haha...We were debating what to eat and in coincidence,we saw nigel.So,he join us for our lunch but he didn't order anything as he is not hungry.So after debating,i won!I have chosen macdonalds and now here we are.I ordered Mac chicken meal with a additional of apple pie.Big eater ehh...haha!I finish my meal in no time and by then,it was already 3pm.Nigel wanted to do his stuffs at home and so he leave us first.And again,left aaron,daryl and me.We went to amk hub and have a round of window shopping and after that,we went home.That's all...hehe!^^